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Feeling overwhelmed! & a little about me.

I like to express my creativity and clear my mind by working with my hands. I've done jewelry making, loom knitting and crocheting. I enjoyed jewelry making and will probably return at least partway to that with time - I do have the materials and the knowledge to make stitch markers, so that's related to my current passion. I loom knitted for quite a few years, but never really sold anything - just made stuff for family and friends. In fact -during the process of making a loom knitted blanket for my husband, I happened to injure myself. I got "trigger thumb" in the MPC joint (the lowest joint on the thumb before the wrist joint) and had to wear a brace to immobilize the joint for 6 weeks. Immobilizing this joint on your dominant hand is harder than it sounds. I could not loom knit while in the brace, so I taught myself to crochet by using youtube videos.

My Husband's infamous, injury causing blanket - Twin size, zig-zag pattern - lots of small tight stitches

When you're the creative sort you often get told "You're so talented - you should sell that!" Which is an amazing boost to the ego - but not that easy of a task to start. I've found that I looked at the online marketplaces like Etsy & Amazon handmade and thought - oh that's simple - I can get access to so many buyers for my items. Then I got into it and it's not at all easy. How do you drive people to see the things that you've worked so hard for? How do you build a customer base? How do you navigate through all of the options and charges that are inherent in building an eCommerce site? I've jumped in with both feet and was drowning in a sea of doubt, loneliness and options. I like to think that I'm slowing making my way to shore now, whether it's an island or the mainland - terra firma is in sight.

All of that was leading to a great big WELCOME!! I hope that everyone can find a bit of peace and beauty in every day.

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