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Making it up as I go & distractions everywhere

So, I just finished the 3rd kit in my Floral Paradise Afghan from Annie's Kit Clubs and I struggled with it. The flowers drove me bonkers and I'm not sure why. While I was waiting for my dentist to call me back about a broken crown, I decided to practice with my Addi Knitting Machine (which can be aggravating too). I successfully made a flat panel, after more tries than I care to admit, and crocheted along the edges. I'm thinking I'm going to make it into a shrug, but we'll see if the yarn cooperates.

The Floral Paradise Mandal Afghan kits 1-3

The Women's College World Series is coming up super soon and the super regional are this week and weekend. I try to crochet while watching TV, but keep getting distracted by these amazing athletes. If it's not the TV distracting me it's the animals or the husband or some other facet of real life.... can't we just hit pause on life to just sit and relax with yarn?!?!?!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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