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New Pattern & Long Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is over now - I think I'm more tired now than I was after working all week. Spent some time in the pool and more time with my family. Such a good weekend, full of fun, food, laughter and love. Bleh - I sound like a mushy person... LOL.

The flat panel that I made last Thursday has turned into a Bolero, instead of a shrug. I'm really liking how it's turning out, but of course i have to hurry up and wait. I didn't bring enough yarn to finish the second sleeve and add the closure to it. I would've had it done yesterday, but I had to get more yarn because I ran out of the Caron Simply Soft Country Blue and none of the other colors worked as well with the mix of colors already included. I'm naming the pattern the Phoebe Bolero in honor of my husband's calico cat, because... I'd like to say some clever thing about the mix of colors in her fur, but truth is... I just like her name (which is why I named her that). I'm making this one for me, but will add pictures to my website and make more, once I work out the measurements for the different sizes or can Boleros be one size fits most? I'll have to google that. For now, a preview can be found on instagram or tiktok @plattsyarnworks on both. If I can get the pattern written out properly then I might post it on ravelry or etsy.

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